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The Dance of Life

13 April
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Dancer since 1999 - with 2 hiatuses for my 2 daughters who are the loves of my life.

I learned to dance from Jauhara and kept taking classes with her until I dropped out in 2002 with my 1st daughter. I came back in 2003 and journeyed through a series of teachers, learning from each one. I took classes with: Azziza, Zelia (until she moved to Vancouver), Jalilah, Lalita, and about 3 of Denise Enan's advanced class until I was too morning sick to dance (in early 2005). Since, 2006, I've taken classes with Lalita, Nikita, and tribal with Ocean Fire. For the last few years, I've come full circle back to Jauhara.

My current interests/things I'm learning are: Tribal, zills, and sword.